People ask from time to time whether we have a church group in Snodland (equivalent to a Sunday School), where children can learn about the Christian Faith. Well, we do! It is called ‘Explorers’ and it meets in the church hall on  Malling Road (opposite St. Katherine’s Lane) every Sunday at 10.00am except when there is a family service in the church next door.

The group is led by Revd Mandy Young together with a small team of co-leaders and helpers. It is open to all children between the ages of 3 and 11. New members are always welcome. For further details, please contact either the Rector or Mandy Young on 01634 249446.

The aim of our group is, in the words of our baptism service, to help our children learn in an enjoyable way
“… to know God in public worship and private prayer, follow Jesus Christ in the life of faith, serve their neighbour after the example of Christ, and in due course come to confirmation.”
(From ‘The Commission’ in the Common Worship Baptism Service)